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Import your WINE in Indonesia

Are you looking for importers and distributors of your WINE in Indonesia ?
Would you be looking at gaining a larger share of the Indonesian market?
Thanks to an exclusive network of high profile food & beverage contacts acquired and retained while conducting business in Indonesia for over than 20 years, EIT Europa provides a unique gateway to ensure your products truly enter the Indonesian market.

Undername Indonesia Services

Curious about Undername Indonesia Services? If you’re looking to learn more about these services or what they can do for your company, read on.



We bring exclusive products from around the world to your city, thus creating with you a point-of-difference for your business.
EIT Europa – Import Export Undername – Indonesia

Service Selection

We offer a wide variety of services. We strive to provide value to every customer and frequently accommodate special requests.

Solid Reputation

With hundreds of satisfied customers we have garnered a solid reputation as  trading company and reliable provider around the world.

Our Quality

We will not compromise on the quality of our products and services. We will deliver more than you expect.  We take real pride in the clients who have chosen us.

Planning Your Future in Indonesia?
Let’s do it with us!

Do you want to know how to expand your market and find more customers?
EIT Europa has 25 years of experience and know-how work in Indonesian’s market, and a team of qualified experts to import your products and goods.
Whether you are planning for grow your company or to import your goods in Indonesia, we have the knowledge and experience that can help you for to do that.

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