EIT Europa Services

( EIT Europa Services ) Eit Europa is a Import and Export service company in Indonesia, that has rich experience in import and export of hundreds of products , including any kind of boats, engines, construction machinery, woodwork machines, furniture for hotels and restaurants, construction material, and more.



  • Undername Indonesia Services
  • Import and Export consultancy
  • Market Development Services
  • Develop partners & distributors
  • In-Country Operations Management
  • Creating the right partnership
  • Investment Coordination

Our services are designed to support the client’s business interests in growing Indonesian market.

Undername Indonesia Services

Curious about Undername Services? If you’re looking to learn more about these services or what they can do for your company, read on.

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EIT Europa Services

Import and Export consultancy

If your company is setting up in business or you want expanding your business is Indonesia,  EIT Europa can provide import & export consulting services that will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.
( EIT Europa Services )


Market Development Services

EIT Europa help you to bridge opportunities in Indonesia by expanding your sales & distribution for your products and services, or creating the right partnership into Indonesian market.
( EIT Europa Services )

Develop partners & distributors

Based on our knowledge development through the years of the international market, we have established the best methodology to help the companies make a presence on the Indonesian market.
We are the company that can bring your product or service to Indonesia, a market that is willing to receive innovative products that help to address its needs.

In-Country Operations Management

Our Service support your company’s core business in Indonesia:
Logistics, HR, site/camp management, stores, stock control, liaison, book keeping, management accounting, budgeting, fleet management, risk assessment, medical evacuation, health & safety and capacity building.

Creating the right partnership

Creating the right partnership is the important first step for reduction the possible risk for your company’s core business implementation in Indonesia.
For this reason the right partnership requires not only commitment of the parties to the alliance, but also the right structure for sharing value when the partnership succeeds.

Investment Coordination

EIT Europa will help your company in your personal investment development program in Indonesia. With our collaboration with the most important government offices, we are able to guaranteeing full transparency on every single step of your investment in the Indonesian market.
( EIT Europa Services

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